New Product Development

Led the successful launch of a consumer-facing application (mobile app and browser) designed to help users learn about a physician’s pricing and quality compared to their peers. Hands-on and leadership roles that impacted virtually every aspect of this greenfield development project. Worked with designers on UI and UX, developed product definition and pricing, conducted competitive research, oversaw the development and product testing, conducted user testing, and sought input from current clients.

Product Spin-off Business Analysis

Developed a business plan for a small custom programming consulting firm who wanted to spin off a product they developed into a stand-alone company. Conducted a market assessment, developed a staffing model and assessment of current staff, evaluated competitors in the space, created a P&L, mapped product features for development or enhancement, and researched FDA approval requirements for a consumer health monitoring device.

Lifecycle Management for Duplicate Software Applications

Developed a lifecycle management plan for three products that ended up in the same company as a result of an acquisition. As a result of a roll-up of two competing companies, two legacy software applications and one that was still in development were competing for resources and customers in a division of a Fortune 100 company. I conducted client, market, and technical feasibility assessments along with financial analyses to develop lifecycle management plans for each. These plans included planned obsolescence of one in the short term, minimal development and support of another, and continued development for the application currently being built.

Services Offered Include (but aren’t limited to):

Competitive research
Feature requirements
Feasibility studies
Launch strategy
Lean startups
Market research
Product lifecycle management
Product portfolio
Product strategies
Usability studies
User research