In March 2020, online ordering and contactless pickup became a must for retail merchants and restaurants as businesses were forced to adopt new business models to adjust to the implications of coronavirus. Most merchants predict that e-commerce will have an ongoing place in their business. Following are two examples of merchants who had to move fast to reconfigure their operations and one example of a restaurant who had added online ordering well before coronavirus hit. 

E-Commerce, Hosting Set-Up, Site Redesign – WordPress/WooCommerce

After a brief shut down to develop a strategy for dealing with the closure of businesses in Nashville, the Margot Cafe team launched MarTOGO, focusing a limited menu and phone-in ordering that would allow them to provide to-go service to their loyal customers. This was successful but not very scalable. We worked with them to develop an online ordering system with contactless payment and curbside pickup that allowed them to dramatically scale their menus and throughput. When their site crashed on the first day of operations due to overwhelming volume, we set them up on a new hosting service the next day and subsequently redesigned their site to optimize speed for their customers.

E-Commerce Setup – Squarespace/Lightspeed

Woodland Wine Merchant initially started taking orders for curbside pickup via text orders and phone calls when coronavirus hit. They were quickly overwhelmed with volume. We worked with them to set up their online ordering and payment that leveraged their point of sale system’s e-commerce capabilities. We helped them configure their e-store, designed the workflow and customized notifications and the ordering process. Their customers have been effusive on social media about their new contactless curbside ordering and pickup process. 

E-Commerce Setup – WordPress/WooCommerce

The proprietors of Subculture Urban Cuisine & Cafe had a problem…a good one but a problem none-the-less. Their lunch menu was so popular that on some busy days, customers left before ordering. We assessed the situation and recommended they offer online ordering via their existing WordPress website. We then created a prototype using WooCommerce and worked with them to refine it. Once it was built and tested, we provided a user guide so that they could make updates and revisions themselves. We now work with them on a periodic basis when new challenges arise that they could use a little help with. The online ordering section that we created is no longer in use due to their migration to a new Square-based online ordering system.

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